What will you get when you become a member of CliqueAsia Network

CliqueAsia is an Adult Lifestyle Network that will be launching 3 main services that cater to adult lifestyle and parties. The vision of the company is to promote the lifestyle as a fun and sexy environment for people to meet new friends while enjoying their favourite activity. In part of that journey, taking away the society stigma of a purely sex-driven image associated with the lifestyle.

Adult eCommerce Store

Adult eCommerce store with party and lifestyle oriented items like classy lingerie, costumes and outfits for roleplay and themed parties, water-proof makeup range, sex toys and related accessories.

Launch Q3 2018

Adult Social Networking

An Asian-centric adult social network where couples & singles from this region can meet, play and host adult parties. Meet like-minded, sexually liberated people who share your passion.

Launch Q4 2018

Private Clubhouses

Members-only adult lifestyle resort-like clubhouses, where sexually liberated guests can meet and network. The clubhouses will also host office adult-lifestyle parties and other special events.

Launch Q4 2018

The Benefits

CliqueAsia network is all about the people who are part of this community. We aim to make every single member of our network part of a larger family, and roll out various relevant products and services to care for your needs.


Easy to Use Website

We're building a user-friendly networking app that can be used by people of all ages, on any device. The main aim is to enable everyone to participate.


Secure & Private

Security and privacy is the No. 1 priority for all our platforms, so you can have ease of mind when at play, with strict policies in place to protect you.


Great Shopping Deals

Special offers for members across the board; our eCommerce Store, Clubhouse and future expansion - CliqueBnB room sharing service.


Experienced Team

30 years of combined experience in adult lifestyle by the founders, who aim to establish a boutique lifestyle experience for like-minded individuals.


Multi-racial Community

Be part of a multi-racial, multi-cultural adult community, a nice mix of couples and singles from various countries all over the world.


Party in Comfort & Luxury

Amazing, exotic locations for ClubHouses around Southeast Asia, where you can meet couples and singles to party in comfort and luxury.

Join Us!

We’re currently running a pre-signup campaign where early adopters of CliqueAsia will receive amazing benefits as mentioned in the plans below. Take advantage of our special pre-signup plans!

Basic Plan - USD99.00

3 years Diamond Membership worth USD300/year.

Limited for Pre-signup only.

FREE Peony’s Secrets Gift Pack worth USD100.

50% Discount Voucher for Clubhouse.

Available only until 31st July 2018

USD99.00 - Signup Now »

Premium Plan - USD198.00

Lifetime Diamond Membership worth USD300/year.

Limited for Pre-signup only.

FREE Peony’s Secrets Gift Pack worth USD100.

2 Nights stay at the Clubhouse worth USD300.

Available only until 31st July 2018

USD198.00 - Signup Now »